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Pat Penno and Sheila Hadlow-Mount meeting Jorgito and Patricia Simão from La Jardin Parque de Lavanda-Gramado Brazil
Jorgito and his wife Patricia were visiting Cornwall and were very interested to know about NAFAS.  Pat and Sheila agreed to meet up with Jorgito and Patricia :-
"I arranged a day, along with Sheila, our ex. past National Chairman, to meet at St. Austell.  They were staying in Redruth and here to visit gardens.  They have three gardens and twelve gardeners in Brazil, and were very keen to learn about Flower Arranging and how NAFAS works.  We were treated to lunch and had a great time discussing and sharing our knowledge.  We took along some Focus and Flower Arranging Magazines for him to take home to study further. 
Our feelings were that he would like to extend his business by having flower arranging, using plant materials from his garden.The pictures he showed were stunning and both would love a visit!!  Jorgito and Patricia were very pleased and thankful for the knowledge we had given them, and they are definitely going to keep in touch.
I received an email the next day and he said it was the highlight of his holiday.  He is now sure the NAFAS information brought new ideas and approaches for his future.
Just watch this space."  Pat Penno (May 2022)
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